Experienced Trial Lawyers: Indianapolis, Indiana

44 Years of Experience ◊ Past President of the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association

At Robert W. York & Associates, we provide experienced legal representation for people and businesses throughout Indiana. The founder of our firm, attorney Robert W. York, is a seasoned trial lawyer with 44 years of legal experience.

The firm’s founder, Robert W. York, says that the eagle provides a constant reminder to us, “of the freedoms we enjoy and that as lawyers we must continue to serve as both the shield and the sword protecting and fighting for these freedoms.”

Our firm handles a wide range of legal matters, including:

  • Probate and estate litigation
  • Business and personal litigation
  • Insurance disputes
  • Employment law: employees and employers
  • Personal injury
  • Divorce and family law

If you need experienced legal representation, we encourage you to contact our law office in Indianapolis, Indiana. For assistance, call 317-842-8000.

Experience Matters

In every trial, the rules of procedure and the rules about what evidence can be admitted are virtually the same. The only difference is the issues that bring your case to court. If you have a dispute that may involve going to court (litigation), you want an attorney with extensive trial experience, one that well knows the procedure and the rules, one skilled in the art of persuasion and one who has the knowledge and experience to choose the right expert witnesses to assist your case if necessary. You want an attorney with the confidence to take your case to trial when necessary but also having the experience and wisdom to pursue settlement when it is in your best interest. You want an attorney who is a creative problem solver and an innovative thinker. You will find such an attorney at Robert W. York & Associates.

For 44 years, I have been at home in the courtroom litigating virtually every type of case. The experience of knowing what can happen during trial has greatly aided me in determining which case should settle out of court. – Attorney Robert W. York

Attorney Robert W. York has the experience and legal sophistication necessary to handle even the most complex legal disputes. Mr. York is widely recognized as a leading trial lawyer in Indiana. People who need quality legal representation can depend on Robert W. York & Associates.

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