Think Safe, Do Safe

think safeBy: Bobby McIlquham
Workplace hazards are all around us, some are easily seen while others are less obvious. Some employees are highly trained and professionally experienced enough to solely focus their job responsibilities on recognizing potential hazards. Many other positions are not centrally focused on identifying safety concerns. How can you better control the hazard recognition in your workplace? It’s all centered on employee involvement.

Imagine yourself in a training classroom speaking to your employees and you ask them, “What does safety truly mean?” Some might say, “Staying safe while working” or maybe “Staying up-to-date with OSHA standards.” These answers are correct, but do they truly convey the core meaning of safety to your employees?

To me, safety means getting employees home the same way they arrived. That requires everyone to be thinking safe, and doing safe. It’s preventative maintenance, just like everything else. Take for example your vehicle. Oil needs to be changed or the engine will eventually fail. Tires and brakes need to be replaced every so often in order to prevent an accident. Things need to be checked and maintained daily or you run the risk of failure. The same goes with safety in the workplace; it is a daily concern that requires constant attention. Some daily safety concerns might include the required fall protection when working above certain heights or the personal protective equipment that is necessary to protect your eyes, hands and feet. If your safety equipment is not properly maintained, like your car, it will eventually fail and cause an accident.

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