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Help prevent unwanted telemarketing calls by signing up for the Do Not Call List

The Indiana Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division is dedicated to protecting consumers from unwanted telemarketing calls. Perpetrators of scams often use telemarketing as a tool to reach their victims. You can help deter unwanted and fraudulent calls and text messages by signing up for the Do Not Call list here.


By:  Robert W. York

Most everyone, including teenagers drink alcohol – right?  What’s the harm in smoking a little pot from time to time – right?  Nobody is really going to care much if I stick a pair of sunglasses in my pocket and walk out without paying – right?  Hey, what’s the big deal – even if I’m caught I’ll probably just have to pay a fine – right?

This Is What Being Arrested Means:

  • You will likely be handcuffed and taken to a holding facility. If you were driving at the time of the arrest, your vehicle will be impounded and you will have to pay for the towing and storage.
  • While in the holding facility, you are fully under the control of someone else whether you like it or not.  While there, you will be required to be in the company of the type of persons with whom you may not normally associate.
  • Your arrest record, including your photograph and fingerprints, will remain in the police file and will be available to all other police agencies.
  • You may be required to post a bond in order to be released.  This means that someone on the outside must pay a bondsman an amount that based upon the crime could amount to thousands of dollars. You will remain in the facility until the bond is paid and even after payment your release could take many hours.
  • Conditions of being released on bond will prevent you from participation in your usual activities and life style. Should you violate the conditions, your bond will be revoked and you will be returned to a holding facility.
  • You should always retain the services of a criminal defense attorney with the attendant fees being usually in the thousands and the requirement that they be paid up front.
  • You will be required to go to court on the day or days as the court directs.  Failure to appear will result in your bond being revoked and commitment to a holding facility.
  • While most arrests result in a plea bargain, it is fully up to prosecuting attorney as to what pleas will be accepted.  Even then it is up to the court to decide whether to accept the plea or require you to go to trial.
  • Some courts require mandatory jail time based upon the offense committed.  This is particularly true if you have had a prior conviction. Even if you are not sent to jail, your release could well require you to perform many hours of community service, to regularly meet with a probation officer, to pay a substantial fine and to live your life only as permitted by the conditions of your release.
  • If the offense involved driving, it is possible for your insurance premiums to skyrocket.
  • If you are arrested for a later offense, the fact that you have previously been convicted will be used to determine the amount of your bond and the possible sentence.

Your Arrest Could Keep You From:

  • Getting your driver’s license
  • Getting your high school diploma
  • Being admitted to the Air Force Academy, West Point, Marine, Corps, U.S. Naval Academy, and some post-secondary institutions
  • Obtaining certain jobs
  • Getting student loans for college (due to drug charges)
  • Obtaining legal immigration status

These Employers Could Get Your Juvenile Records:

  • Summer camps
  • Schools, youth programs, and day care centers
  • State licensing agencies for cosmetology, nursing, social work, stockbrokers
  • Nursing homes

(Information in part from the Indiana State Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section)


Thousands May Lose Internet Access on July 9th

From the Better Business Bureau serving Central Indiana:

Who:  Thousands of Internet users across the world

What:  Last November, the FBI took down the servers of international hackers operating out of Estonia.  The hackers had already successfully downloaded malware onto more than half a million computers, turning off virus updates and redirecting consumers to fraudulent websites.  If the servers had simply been shut down, the victims’ computers would not longer be able to access the internet.  Instead, the FBI set up clean servers to replace the ones that were running the scam, and victims have been redirected to those clean servers ever since, usually without any knowledge they’d been infected in the first place.

When:  July 9, 2012

Why:  Originally the rescue servers were to be active until March, but a court ruling extended the program until July 9th.  At that time, the clean servers will be turned off and anyone who is still infected with the malware will lose their internet access.  The FBI believes there are still about 360,000 infected computers in a dozen countries, including the U.S. and Canada.

Read the full and learn how to fix your computer article here.

Small business lending picked up in June

Small business lending picked up in June—the increase shows business owners feel confident about borrowing for growth.

A study released Monday by PayNet, a research firm that tracks loans to small businesses, shows that lending rose 12 percent in May from April’s levels. That’s the largest increase since June 2009, when the economy was pulling out of the recession. Read the full article here.

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Collateral Consequences of Juvenile Adjudications in Indiana

A juvenile adjudication often leads to collateral consequences that children and their parents may not fully understand as they participate in the juvenile justice system. Many state and federal statutes and regulations mandate the disclosure of juvenile adjudication information, which can impact basic needs, such as housing, education, employment, and the ability to get a driver’s license. In recognition of this impact on children and their families, the American Bar Association gathered federal and state data – including Indiana’s – into an evolving database of these often unanticipated consequences of juvenile adjudications.

Additional information is available at What follows is a partial summary:

1. Disclosure to the Public – Despite the commonly held belief that juvenile court proceedings are confidential, there are many instances when the child is not shielded from the public gaze and the impact that may follow. For instance, whenever a petition alleges that the child committed an act that would be murder or a felony if committed by an adult, the juvenile court proceeding is open to the public. Ind. Code. 31-32-6-3. If a petition contains allegations of a felony and/or a specified number of misdemeanor offenses, most juvenile court records are open to the public. Ind. Code 31-39-2-8(a). Finally, if a child is placed on the sex offender registry following an adjudication, that information is treated in the same manner as an adult offender. Ind. Code 11-8-8-4.5, -5, -7.

2. Primary or Secondary School Suspension or Expulsion – If the child is adjudicated for a Class A felony, a Class B Felony, a Class C Felony, or two (2) Class D felonies, the juvenile court judge must give written notice of the adjudication to the child’s chief administrative officer or school superintendant. Ind. Code 35-50-8-1(a). The school may then suspend or expel the child for any unlawful activity on or off the school grounds if the unlawful activity may: (1) interfere with school purposes or an educational function or (2) the child’s removal is necessary to restore order or protect persons on school property, even if the act occurred during weekends, holidays, school breaks, or the summer period. Ind. Code 20-33-8-15.

3. Limits on Higher Education – The undergraduate application for Indiana University-Bloomington, Indiana University-Southeast, and Purdue University asks questions that may require the student to reveal juvenile delinquent adjudications and could impact admissions. Additionally, those students applying for the Twenty-first Century Scholars Program (a tuition scholarship program) must certify that the student has not committed a delinquent act. Ind. Code 21-12-6-5(a)(4).

4. Eviction From Federally-Funding Housing – Public housing authorities may evict a tenant or a household if any household member engaged in drug-related criminal activity, violent criminal activity, or other activity that threatens the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises. 24 C.F.R 982.553(a)(1)(i); (a)(2)(ii); (b) (2010).

5. Suspension of Driver’s License or Permit – Many juvenile adjudications mandate the suspension of the child’s driver’s license or permit, including for habitual truancy (Ind. Code 20-33-2-11), operating while intoxicated (Ind. Code 31-37-19-17.3), other alcohol-related offenses (Ind. Code 7.1-5-7), controlled substance and prescription drug-related offenses (Ind. Code 31-37-19-13, -14, and -19), criminal mischief with graffiti (Ind. Code 31-37-19-17), and fuel theft (Ind. Code 31-37-19-20).

6. Denial of Military Service Application – In general, all branches of the military mandate that a juvenile adjudication record involving acts that would be crimes must be disclosed during the application process and may prevent an applicant from enlisting unless granted a waiver.

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